Azimut Yachts 50 Fly wins the “European Power Boat of the Year 2015”. A true triumph at the most prestigious nautical Award

January 19, 2015


As recognized by authoritative EPY jury, an undisputed asset of the new model was represented by the designers’ ability to contain in an only 15 meter yacht all the features and characteristics of her 'big sister' Azimut 80 while, in the true spirit of the Azimut philosophy, still respecting the unmistakable 'family feeling'.

Being awarded with the EPY 2015 prize, a recognition as renown as an Academy Award in the maritime field, is a great success for the Italian brand, that once again gets recognized by the critics for its designers ability, as well as for the quality of its models.

"We are especially proud of this Award, since it was assigned by an international and very competent jury", said Giovanna Vitelli, Azimut|Benetti Owner. "We consider it as an acknowledgement of the great success the new Azimut 50 is gaining in the demanding European market, from the Mediterranean Countries to Northern Europe. It is a another proof of our Shipyard innovative attitude".

The EPY’s qualified panel of judges includes seven editors of the most renown European nautical magazines in Germany, Italy, Norway, France, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

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